Ecological Timber Sales

Generate revenue from sale of timber and improve habitat for wildlife.

Schedule a free Timber Sale Review with Prudenterra to determine if your trees are marketable, and talk over your options.

suelompwoodlandmediumAchieve your objectives for wildlife and recreation.

Increased sunlight on the forest floor enables regeneration of oaks and other trees of significant value to wildlife. Sunlight also facilitates a thriving understory of wildflowers, which feed pollinators, and produce seeds for birds. The structure provided by standing dead trees and woody debris on the forest floor provide biodiverse habitat to many species of animals. Learn more about this here, on our blog.

These habitat improvements enrich recreational opportunities including observing wildflowers, birdwatching, and hunting.

lukegallahermediumRevenue generated from a timber sale can support other ecosystem improvements such as streambank restoration, invasive species removal, and strategic tree selection. It can also enable trail construction, and other ecosystem improvements to augment recreation.

Ensure regeneration.

A well-designed timber sale will enable high value species to thrive in your woodland for years to come. Timber sales can remove competing trees that are older or poorly formed, enabling younger and better formed trees to grow more quickly for a future timber sale. Removing some of the trees allows sunlight into a woodland, which helps the next generation of high value timber species to germinate and grow into seedlings.

biltmoremediumReceive the highest price.

Hire Prudenterra to mark your timber and facilitate bids from venerable buyers. Working with a forester can increase the sale value of your timber by 30-40%.
It is in a forester’s best interest to ensure that you receive the highest value for your timber, since we are compensated with a percentage of the total sale price.

We customize the sale based on your goals, and inform you of both threats and opportunities for your woodland.

When Prudenterra facilitates a timber sale, we mark and document the trees that you would like to sell, and ensure that only those trees are cut. We supply notice to 30 reputable loggers and accept their sealed bids. Then, we work with you to determine how the loggers will access the timber, and where they will temporarily yard the logs before transport.

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