We offer comprehensive planning and implementation services for forestry, prairie and wetlands, and agroecosystems.



  • GIS/GPS Technology
  • Tree and Shrub Planting, and Seedling Care
  • Oak Savanna Restoration
  • Urban Forest Inventory and Plan
  • Habitat Improvement Plan
  • Strategic Tree Selection (Forest Stand Improvement)
  • Agroforestry Plan and Management
  • Native Species Promotion (Invasive Species Removal)
  • Commercial Forest Management Plan, and Ecological Timber Sale
  • Herbicide Application:
    • Handheld, backpack, 96 and 160 inch boom sprayers
  •  Prescribed Fire in Woodlands


Prairie and Wetlands

  • GIS/GPS Technology
  • Prairie/Wetland Establishment or Restoration Plan
  • Prairie/Wetland Reconstruction, Remnant Restoration, and Maintenance:
    • Seeding (broadcast only with Vicon® seeder)
    • Prescribed fire
    • Brush mowing
    • Herbicide Application:
      • Handheld, backpack, 96 and 160 inch boom sprayer



  • GIS/GPS Technology Management Planning
  • Agroecosystem Management Plan
  • Conservation Review
  • Farmland Conservation Enhancements:
    • Cover crops
    • Prairie or wetlands on marginal crop fields
    • Riparian and saturated buffers
    • Stream bank stabilization
    • Prairie STRIPS installation
  • Agroforestry:
    • Tree crops orchard design and installation
    • Keyline design, including swale construction
  • Livestock Management:
    • Rotational grazing
    • Integrating livestock with prairie grassland management
    • Integrating livestock with agroforestry