Land Walk

Explore Your Land. Transform Your Resource.

  • Learn about your land’s history, soils, and watershed.
  • Discover what species of trees, shrubs, grasses, and flowers are present, and how they function in the ecosystem.
  • Define your vision, and set attainable objectives.
  • Explore new agroecological opportunities.
  • Create a timeline to achieve your objectives.


What’s Included:

  • A 90 minute Land Walk with an agroecological interpreter.
  • Receive a customized report:_mg_1867
    • Aerial photographs, soil maps, and graphics to tell your land’s story
    • Management recommendations to meet your objectives
    • A New Vision land management map to guide your ecological enhancements
  • Discuss your Land Walk Report, as well as your questions and concerns at a follow-up meeting.


Contact us to learn more about a land walk.


Crystal and Steve, Cambridge
Luke came very prepared for our Land Walk, with maps and graphics of our farm. We were so glad to learn about better ways to be land stewards. He understood the complexities that exist between families and farming enterprises, and was accommodating of the long-term timescale of our vision. It felt like a partnership from our very first meeting.