Forest Management Plans

Meet with Certified Forester Luke Gran to improve wildlife habitat and timber value in your woodland.

Better understand your woodland to provide a quality refuge for wildlife, and a more valuable asset for the next generation.

Forest Management Plans include:

  • Evaluation and recommendations for your woodland, stream, and grassland ecosystems.
  • Economic and ecological projections based on different management alternatives.
  • Appraisal of tree species, condition, and timber value.
  • More about Forest Management Plans here.

    See our Forest Management Plan Handout here.

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance is available for Forest Management Plans through the Natural Resources Conservation ServiceIn addition, a Forest Management Plan may qualify you for financial assistance for management practices to improve your land — strategic tree selection, invasive species management, oak savanna restoration, tree and shrub plantings, prescribed burning, and more.

Visit your county NRCS office for financial assistance details, and to apply.

What’s Included in a Forest Management Plan?

Example Forest Management Plan