Agroecosystem Planning

We take a comprehensive approach to agricultural land management to help you accomplish your goals. Increase your farm profitability, reduce soil erosion, improve water quality, minimize nutrient loss, and heal gullies. With future generations in mind, improve wildlife habitat and increase the overall enjoyment and beauty of your farm.

Farm Conservation Review

Thorough review and assessment of your crop fields. Be alerted to conservation concerns that threaten your farm’s long-term productivity. Turn unprofitable crop acres into land that generates value through wildlife habitat or alternative farming strategies. Includes two meetings to clarify your land conservation priorities and develop a plan of approach to enhance your farm.

Farm Ecosystem Assessment

Optimize your land use with a holistic, in-depth look at your crop fields, pasture, woodlands, prairie, wetlands, and riparian areas. Learn the composition of your woodlands, and assess the quality of wildlife habitat in other ecosystems.

Find out what each ecosystem on your farm (including crop fields) looked like in the past, their current condition, and how each would fare in 50 and 100 years if present management practices continued unchanged. Includes three meetings, and a detailed packet of information including your farm’s assessment data, and recommendations for management practices appropriate to meet your ecosystem-specific objectives.

Agroecosystem Management Plan

A detailed calendar of work, seasonal priority management actions, and prioritized, phased enhancements to implement the practices you have chosen to pursue. A management plan follows after a review or assessment of the land, and is determined by your personal objectives for stewardship and profitability.


Steve and Michelle, Nevada
Our desire to be better stewards of creation led us to diversify our crops and grow more perennials. Luke designed and helped us plant a diverse field shelterbelt, prairie, and high value tree crop orchard on our farm. Prudenterra has helped us make better choices for the future of our land, God’s creation, and our family’s legacy.